What if Rolex had…

One recurring question among watch enthusiasts is which is their all-time favourite watch from any particular brand they like. This is quite frequent in Rolex, being the brand with most exposure and broadest recognition.

If I was to respond I would say a Submariner for sure. I love Submariners above Explorers, Daytonas and GMT Masters, so I’m probably an average Rolex guy.

Things start to be tricky when you have to choose a particular Submariner.. that’s a different story. The James Bond watch? The Submariner 6538 would be among the candidates. The Omnipresent 5513, the small crown 62xx series, all those are great.

I would say that a good “red letters” Submariner will have great chances to be the chosen one. But not the expected Ref 1680… No, this time I’ll have to go with my real dream watch. One not only with one line of red text but with two.. you know which one is..

Yes! The Sea-Dweller Submariner 2000. This is a Submariner of course, on its extreme version, renamed Sea-Dweller. The double red retains the Submariner designation, to it’s a Submariner, no arguments here.

But what if.. as much as I love the Sea Dweller 1665 double red, my hart would go with a time only version (I don’t like the term no-date, it’s awkward).

So, what if Rolex had made a Sea-Dweller Submariner 2000 time only? Wouldn’t be precious? Something like this, a dream of mine finally comes true!

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